Ad Vs Street Photography 11

Cassie Moore

editorial_-shooting for a magazine

Penn-very artsy photographer shot for vogue, photo illustration

half tone- complied continuous colors, different sizes of cmyk allow magazines like "Life" to produce color photography

Bruehl- studied with White, successful career based on modernist style characterized by geometric composition

Muray- born in hungry, trained in Berlin, portrait photography, shot for vogue, love affair with Fria

Keppler- worked for BBDO worked for u.s. government making propaganda in WWII

Kotochrome- saturated 64 step process

GI Bill- helps people think different of middle class, more people could get a house or go to college

directorial- distance an irony

outsider- detached might be more truthful

street photographers- outsiders not prepared or undernoming of new media, black and white, opposite of advertisement and tv, real america

Frank- swiss born, apprenticed with Brodanovich, used a licea, made a book "The Americans" got a grant for it
showed photos to Carroach, he writes his books for him made a film "pull my daisy" filmed rolling stones in movie "Cock Sucker Blues" ,in and out of mental institution, both kinds died

Klein- born in NYC documentary dark imaginary, fashion photography, did the books "Grotesk Americans", "Satire Mr. Freedom", saw americans as violent and dirty,

Model- influential to post war photographers, worked with Arbus to do fashion

Arbus-fashion movie called "fur " made for her ( inspired)
anti middle class had sympathy with people she photographed studied with Avadon used roloflex camera, she thought the freaky people were the normal people, did a study of nudist for life magazine, some people though she was praying on the weak but she thought they were normal

Winogrand- thought of photo as transformed event, thought photographers were part of the image, studied with Brodonivich, hung out with Freilander, photo book "The Animals" all shot at zoos, did a book "Woman are Beautiful" also did a book called "Public Relators"

Freilander- anti street photography didn't believe you could be that outsider be found Belloqs storyville portraits and did the book "The American Movement"

Decarava- humanist believed in all that religion does but not religious, street life work, did illustrations for book "Street Fly Paper of Life" documented freedom marches in DC, did alot of photos in jazz clubs

Levitt- humanists, specialized in children on streets of NYC, used a licea, took photos of children chalk drawings, expert in just letting things happen, did a little motion film.