Contemporary Photography 15

Melissa Adams

Sally Mann- new generation of new journalism, photographed her own family.

Soth- used the view camera, documentary pictures, formulated high art show in galleries.

DiCorcia-captured random people, used strobes

Ballen- creepy, lets models help create what they're doing

Hugo- african, refine style of deep social issues, albino and blind, hints of social documentary

Nikki lee- performance art infultrates subculture. you are created by those around you. culture creates you

Mapplethrope-refined studio nudes/fashion int he 80s. died of aids

Lux-highly stylized, kids, refined

LaChapelle- high fashion, wants to appear "as found." over the top high pop culture value- funny, colorful

Meisel- construced narative, high fashion. "make love not war"

Charlie White- art photography, over the top "everything is american"

Adi Nes- construced narative, modern issues "the last supper"

Jeff wall- wind, water, movement

Levinthal- minitures. WW2 minis

Serrano- "piss christ". used bodily fluids in his pics. "blood stream". went to the morgue and used dead bodies as still life

Fuss- photograms, abstract. smoke

Misrach- hotel documentary bathers in ocean, form

Gursky- places that have been changed by humans, dump, factory floor, view camera "99 cent stone"