Origins Of Photography 1

Elements of Discovery:
- Desire
- Perspective
- Preservation
- Mechanization
- Entertainment

- Lenses
- Photo Sensitivity
-Linear perspective

Methods of preservation before photography:

Brunelleschi Death Mask
- A prosthetic mask that made an exact replica of one’s face.

Victorian Hair Locke t
- Keepsake locket incorporating a loved one’s hair.,id,2266894.html

Camera Lucida
– used a mirror to produce real images for artist to assist in drawing

Camera Obscura
– know as the pinhole camera.

- He invents first telescope

Joseph Niepce
-First known photo called “View from the window at Les Gras” in 1826.
-He used an 8 hour long exposure to produce the image.,_Joseph_Nic%C3%A9phore_Ni%C3%A9pce,_uncompressed_UMN_source.png

- Built a theater called “Daguerre’s Diorama” which was a giant camera obscura

-Used silver nitrate salt was
-no negatives and prints
-on mirrored silver that were handheld in a union case.
-American lined with velvet
-Europen lined with silk
-expensive and one of a kind

- Invented the callotype
- Cheaper than Daguerrotype
- has negatives

- Used silver chloride

- Used hypo to fix photos.