Social Documentary 10

Social documentary 10 has social contact. More bisit
• Rothstein: farmer and sons dust storm Cimarron county Oklahoma “ 1936.
1st guy hired by the FSA.
take iconic photos and questionable pictures.
Faked some photos using a cow skull placing it in the photos.
FSA farm security adminstration.

• Roy Striker hires lots of photographers to document everything happening during the great depression. Over quarter million images were collected.

• Shahn, “Sacco and Vanzetti”, 1931-32. Lieca camera user. Painter turned photographer. Shot for the FSA. Photographed the miners strikes and unions during the depression. Shows photos of children doing labor kind of like Hine. Also Photographed black children picking cotton in the fields.

• Walker Evans, “Secondhand shop windows” 1930. Also worked for the FSA for 2 yrs. Goes for landscapes and agricultural
“art is useless” Quote …photography and can do something. Used the rollback 120. In love with the south. Called the photographer of empty rooms. In to signs and shops. Took “erosion near Jackson Mississippi” 1936.’ Showing how people who don’t know what they are doing can cause a disaster. Known for photos of advertisements. After great depression he started to work in NY doing subway portraits 1940’ starts to hide his camera to document people around him with out them knowing. Some of the last things he worked on where looking at people and seeing how they dressed. Got into Polaroid’s when he was really old. He shot photographs of white people because he felt it would draw more attention to the book he was making instead of the black families.
• Dorothea Lange, also shot for the FSA. Went to different refugee camps and followed migrant workers. Goes to shack towns. Takes photos of people who are forced off their land. “Migrant Mother 1936” very iconic image from the great depression.
• Gordon Parks. Starts in chigo. Self taught. Highered buy womens clothing stoare. Found his way into different jobs. Ends up working in the FSA. Gets to Dc. Stryker was a jerk tells him to go out and shoot in DC no real subject just find something. Wanted him to confront the rasist people in DC. Follows ellor into her life and documents the stuff around her place. Photos the state of housing for the black part of town. Moves to harlem. Finds dc discusting because of all the resisium. Gets hired by vouge. Wrote how to photograph books. Really gets into his photography. Travels all around. Life used him because he was able to do things other photographers couldn’t get to do because of him being black. Worked a lot with color in his fashion shoots. Wrote a novel and screen playtrees grows in brookland ”. Played jazz.
Life was designended for all classes.
Bourke-White. White angel creadline 1933. Was a life photographers. Shot the 1st photo that was shown on the cover of Life. “have you seen their faces” she would go anywhere for her photos. Very dedicated. She ended up photographing Gandhi 1946. Spend time learning how to ‘spin’ before she could take the photo. One of the first people to photograph in the consitration camps after ww2. Went into gold mines and took photos. Follows American troups around germany and such.
Capa. Madrid 1936. Freelanced for everyone including Life. Named himself after famous director. Photoed the Spanish war. Took about 45 of the most famous photos ever taken during ww2. D day. Started magnum. Magnum is very protective of photographics rights. “if your pictures are not good enough, your not close enough” ends up dying by steping on a land mine.
Millers, actric turned photographer. Took many fashion photos. But when natzis came into the picture. She decided to change. She was one of the few American photographers who stayed during ww2. Took a bath in hitlers bathtub munich 1945.
Esmith, ‘ the walk to paradise garden. Got fired from life because of disagreement about cameras. Worked for Magnum.spent a lot of time on his prints. He worked in photo essays. Did a screesy on a doctors. Didn’t like working for life because lhe really liked to stay with what he was doing for long strechs of time. Never got over war images. Died from being a drunk and druggy.

by marie adams & Jessica Wood