The Photo Secessionists 7

LaToya Samuels Notes

Photo Secessionist 07

Alfred Steveless
-Fine Art of own team
-Started Photo Club

-Born in the Midwest/Move to NY
-Worked with Steve
-Journal call Camera Work
-Stay with Pictorial Movement

-Born in Boston
-Work with auto crom its like color
-Started taken in the city of New York
-The octopus 1972 was a famous image
-More into to shapes, lines and perspective
-Vortograph using minor 1917

-Leave pictorial
-Have a lot of gallery
-Start s a Pictorials see images as objects
-He starts camera work
-He edits camera work and notes
-Start Gallery 291
-1st show was 1916
-Hand of man 1902 means it was made by man
-Spiritual American 1923
-Equivalent 1972 (clouds) because of form, textures, line and abstract

-Good friend with Stieglitz
-Start as Pictorial and Painter
-He was Stieglitz right hand man
-He did a lot of gum over platinum
-2.9 million dollar for The Pond Moonlight 1904
-Create a lot of Hollywood Style
-Family of man Book

Strand, Paul
-Study with Louise Hines
-Join camera club
-He used the darkroom for 20yrs
-Side business taken campus
-Marry to Rebecca
-Into lines, shapes, textures
-Make to books/films
-Move to France

Weston, Edward
-Famous for his fruit and veggies
-Use window lights
-Getting rich image
-Focus of light, texture and lines
-Work got a little dark